A Fusion of Generations in Graffiti Art – a A Collaborative Exhibition featuring Duster and ANNA!

You are cordially invited to an a collaborative exhibition immersive art exhibition that celebrates the fusion of generational perspectives within the vibrant world of graffiti art. Central to this showcase are the collaborative works of Duster, a graffiti luminary hailing from the rebellious era of the 1970s, and ANNA!, a trailblazing artist representing the new wave of female creators in the urban art scene.
Step into the gallery space and witness the dynamic interplay between Duster’s storied legacy and ANNA!’s fresh, innovative approach. Through a curated selection of artworks, viewers are invited to explore how these two artists bridge the gap between past and present, tradition and innovation, to create a visual narrative that speaks to the evolving landscape of street art.
Duster’s masterful wild style, honed through years of dedication to his craft, intertwines seamlessly with ANNA!’s ethereal interpretations of the underground world. Delve into their collaborative pieces to uncover layers of meaning, where graffiti transcends its roots to become a powerful medium for social commentary and self-expression.
The exhibition not only showcases the artistic prowess of Duster and ANNA! but also serves as a testament to the transformative power of collaboration. As visitors navigate through the display, they will witness the harmonious blend of contrasting backgrounds and shared passions, culminating in a visual symphony that pushes the boundaries of traditional graffiti art.
The iW Gallery invites you to engage with the rich tapestry of stories woven by Duster and ANNA!, as they challenge conventions, spark conversations, and redefine the artistic landscape one spray can at a time. Join us on this journey of exploration and discovery, where the echoes of the past meet the whispers of the future in a celebration of creativity, diversity, and unity within the world of graffiti art.

opening reception FRIDAY – MARCH 1, 2024 – 6-9PM…
on view through APRIL 20, 2024.
curated by Christine DeFazio