Cost and Revs

COST and REVS: Pioneers of Urban Graffiti Art

COST (Adam Cole) and REVS (Revs) are iconic graffiti artists from New York City, renowned for their groundbreaking contributions to street art since the early 1990s. This legendary duo transformed the urban landscape with their innovative techniques and bold messages, making a lasting impact on the world of graffiti and contemporary art.

History and Collaboration

COST and REVS began their collaboration in the early 90s, quickly gaining recognition for their large-scale, text-based graffiti. They were pioneers of wheatpaste graffiti, a method that allowed them to rapidly disseminate their provocative posters across the city. Their works, characterized by stark lettering and powerful social commentary, challenged traditional notions of art and communication.

Innovative Techniques and Impact

By introducing wheatpaste posters, COST and REVS added a new dimension to street art, making their messages more visible and accessible. Their collaboration resulted in some of the most recognizable and influential works in the graffiti community. Their wheatpaste posters often commented on propaganda and aimed to shock the public, with notorious examples such as “COST Fucked Madonna” grabbing attention and provoking thought.

Legacy and Influence

COST and REVS are celebrated not only for their artistic prowess but also for their ability to convey powerful, often subversive, narratives through their work. Their influence extends beyond graffiti into the broader realms of contemporary art, inspiring a new generation of artists and leaving an indelible mark on the urban landscape.

Their contributions to graffiti art remain a testament to their innovative spirit and profound impact on urban culture, solidifying their status as pioneers and legends in the world of street art.